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Food Trailers for Sale

Actualizado: 24 dic 2020

You need a food trailer... we have it! Come to the THE FUD TRAILER and get a brand new CUSTOM FOOD TRAILER, we have the best kitchen components made only with the best NFS Stainless Steel and with all safety measures you need to pass inspection no matter what county or city you live in.

Come and check or variety of CUSTOM FOOD TRAILERS we have for SALE!

  • 10x8 Ft Food Trailer

  • 12x8 Ft Food Trailer

  • 14x8 Ft Food Trailer

  • 16x8 Ft Food Trailer

  • 20x8 Ft Food Trailer

  • PREMIUM Food Trailer

  • VERTEX Food Trailer

  • GARAGE Food Trailer

ASK FOR A QUOTE NOW! We will advise you and give you the best food trialer option according to your line of business

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